best android emulator for mac

Best Android Emulator For Mac

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Android emulators act as a virtual mobile device that run on your Mac (or PC). With these softwares, you can experience all that android has to offer without ever needing to splash out on an expensive smartphone.

If you do have an android device though, don’t go throwing it away just yet, because with Andy the best android emulator for mac you can actually use it as a joystick.

Run android Apps On Mac For Unlimited Storage

Andy the android emulator allows you to keep up to date with your apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber and even play all of your favourite android games on Mac. Do all this and more without ever being limited by storage capacity or battery life, as you would be on a mobile device.

Stability & Accessibility

Andy’s software runs on a new version of android making it stable and reliable to run android apps on mac. This way you can take full advantage of the apps and games you want to be using without waiting for them to load, or having them crash in the middle of a session.

Having the library of the Google Play store available makes using the software easy and accessible. Use your Mac to do almost anything you would from your android device including browsing or uploading files from your computer to Facebook for example, uploading photos directly to Instagram, or even just searching the web for a cheat in the middle of a game.

best android emulator for mac

best android emulator for mac

Intuitive Interface

Furthermore, since Andy runs exactly like an Android device, you’ll find it easy and intuitive to navigate around the software. You’ll be able to satisfy your android gaming needs on your Mac. And since the environment is so similar to the one you’d get on an android phone or tablet, using Andy is simple.

With Andy as your android emulator for Mac, you can change and customise specs to personalize your experience. Choose aesthetics that match your personality and use Andy in your own way.

Not Just For Games

The software also works seamlessly with a variety of apps on your Mac – from games to social media or simple productivity apps. Whereas other android emulators are geared more towards gamers, Andy allows you to still be productive (even if it is in between sessions of Candy Crush!).

If watching movies is your thing, Andy is strong enough for you to easily download and run apps to watch such as Showbox. Avoid straining your neck leaning over a small device, or straining your eyes by focusing on a small screen, using this android emulator allows you to watch your favourite shows on a bigger, clearer Mac screen.

Best Android Emulator For Mac

In short, Andy is well rounded, and incredibly stable because it supports a higher android version. This also means that you can be more productive and use almost any app to have an android experience on your Mac.

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