Andy OS – The Best Alternative to MEmu

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As every-day users of devices such as smart-phones and tablets, we are often faced with problems that prevent us from doing what we actually need to be doing. Whether it’s stopping mid-game to recharge your tablet, or missing out on reaching a new level because of small screen size, the solution comes in the form of android emulators – software that gives you the full experience of an android device on a PC. No more ‘low battery’ signs, no more frustration as you try to navigate your way on a small restricted screen. These operating systems are changing the way we interact with our android device. Some, providing solutions mostly for games, whilst others, like Andy, provide an all-round android experience on your PC.

We’ve outlined 4 categories to help outline the reasons Andy is leading the way in the world of android emulators.

Use and Setup – Andy is better then Memu

Setting up and launching Andy is simple and easy. With a standard Android interface, if you’re already using android, the software is familiar and straightforward (in this case, no frills is a good thing!). Users can connect their Google account to Andy and with a nifty little feature you can even launch apps from shortcuts in your Windows desktop.

Gaming and Productivity  – Andy is better then Memu

Most android emulators currently on the market have the devoted gamers hot on their radar. Indeed, the idea of having all of your favourite games at your fingertips without dealing with the tribulations you’d normally face by owning a smart device is attractive. But there is more to the android experience than just playing games.

Other android emulators, such as MEmu for example, offer a variety of apps and games but it seems that most of them are popular in China as this is where the software was developed. Using comprehensive keyboard mapping makes the gaming experience more fun than on an Android phone, but the focus with this particular software is still primarily on gaming.

This is why Andy has the upper hand in this category. It focuses on an overall experience for both games and other apps. In fact, games actually run better with Andy in terms of stability and because it also supports third party launchers and even widgets, Andy stands out from the rest of the android emulators currently available.

Miscellaneous Features – Andy is better then Memu

Not only does Andy allows you to use your Android phone as a remote control for gaming, it also gives you the freedom to customise your experience. Whether it’s downloading third party launchers, or simply personalizing your wallpaper, Andy offers an all-round solution to android emulating.
MEmu users can also customize sections of the software, but these are limited to internal features such as display resolution and memory size.

Overall –  – Andy is better then Memu

Every android emulator has its strengths and weaknesses. Without looking too far you’ll be able to find a variety of softwares that will allow you to play your favourite android games on your PC with just a few clicks of the mouse.

For a more immersive and all-round experience however, there is no doubt that Andy offers it all. It run games better than any other android emulator due to the newer version of Android it runs, and because it also embraces and supports other apps, the possibilities with Andy are truly endless.

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